eRacing GP, or eRGPSEA, is a global virtual racing championship which provides a world-class platform for professional sim racers to become real life motorsport champions.

We believe the next Asian motorsport champion is camped-out in a bedroom playing a racing video game.

Eracing enthusiasts have been saying for years that with the proper training, virtual or sim racers could graduate to a real race track as the skills sim racers pick up are actually transferable to racing inside real-world cars.

eRGPSEA launched our very first esports tournament in 2018 based on this principle. We continue to hold on to that belief and continue to see virtual racers compete with and outshine real-life racers. We have built both our entertainment and driver development model on the premise of ”Virtual To Reality”.

eRGPSEA makes its debut in Hong Kong. The competition was held on-ground and streamed online.

eRGPSEA is launched in Malaysia with an on-ground competition which included live streaming online and delayed telecasts on ASTRO’s eGG and FOX Sports Asia.

In the face of COVID-19, eRacingGP SEA goes 100% online for various target audiences with a Causeway Edition (Malaysia vs Singapore), Philippines Edition, Indonesian Edition and numerous Global Editions.

eRacingGP launches a 6-round Endurance Edition which runs from January to November. It also partners with eGG Network and Astro to launch E1 Championship with a prize pool of USD15,000.

eRacing GP became the first sim racing competition title at the inaugural Southeast Asian eSports Championships held in Vietnam in January 2022. The tournament saw the participation of 14 finalists which comprised 2 drivers per SEA country that were selected by each country’s esports associations either on merit or after qualification rounds. The competition comprised an individual Drivers Championship and Teams Championship. The event was streamed lived on Facebook and broadcast on SEA’s regional gaming channel, eGG Network.

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Why eRacing GP?

It Fills A Gap
First-person shooter and multi-player online area battles make up a majority of esports championships. Gamers in Asia with a sim racing skillset do not have a platform.

Transferable Skills
There are proven case studies that show eracing has the most transferable skills to the real world.

Anyone who has access to a console or mobile device can develop skills to become a champion simracer or professional motorsport driver.

With eracing increasingly recognised by major players like the IOC over more violent games, there is a huge opportunity for growth.

Growth of Regional Initiatives
Southeasia Asia has seen a rise in its own sporting initiatives such as the AFF Suzuki Cup and ONE Championship that develop Asian talent and the sport’s future stars. We are doing the same for eracing.

New Asian Motorsport Talent
The best F1 drivers practice on simulators. Tournaments like eRGPSEA give young Asians, male or female, an opportunity once reserved for the privileged.